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What is SEO and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website and digital content more visible by ranking higher in organic search engine results.

Google generates 93% of all global traffic. The first five organic results (not paid ads) show up on a Google search account for over 67% of all clicks. Organic results get the most clicks and generate higher-quality traffic because they are more credible than a paid advertisement.

Incorporating an efficient SEO strategy will boost your organic rankings and give your website longevity instead of just quick wins. However, getting your business to show up on the first page of Google isn't easy, even for the most experienced SEO marketers.
To us, the most effective SEO is strategic, based on data, and goal-oriented. Our SEO services include the full spectrum of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO tactics, which center on generating consistent leads to help your business evolve.

Our innovative approach places your business directly in front of your target audience and has the power to help you achieve and maintain a ranking on the first page of Google.

SEO can be a daunting task, especially for smaller businesses with a limited budget. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the extra time, resources, or training to take their SEO to the next level by producing measurable results that scale over time.
SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing

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What is web design and why is it important?

At Spaced, we design websites with a purpose. Our approach to web design blends exceptional brand messaging with visually stunning aesthetics and advanced technology. In addition, we emphasize compelling storytelling across all digital touch-points through strategic integration.

Collaboration is quintessential to our web design process. We value transparency, accountability, and producing results that will make you proud. Every element we build is backed by data, research, strategy, and combined decades of experience.

We conduct a thorough audit to identify your pain points and obtain a comprehensive evaluation of site performance.
Then, using specific industry and competitor research, our team analyzes the findings to guide the strategic direction. Finally, we translate our ideas into a "blueprint" outlining the site architecture.

The design phase is where the entire vision truly comes together. We create several separate mockups and wireframes for mobile, desktop, and tablet views. They are the deliverables subject to your feedback and final approval.
SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


What is content marketing and why is it important?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy focused on building and maintaining a solid relationship with your target audience by consistently creating and sharing high-quality content.

Out of all inbound marketing tactics, content creation is the most effective for growing your business because compelling content attracts new prospects while simultaneously keeping existing customers engaged.

As business owners, we understand that you might not have the extra time, resources, or training to experiment with a DIY content marketing approach.
Our goal is to take the stress off your shoulders so you can get back to running your business while we make your content come alive.

Our suite of content marketing services integrates behavioral data, SEO, and inventiveness to produce captivating digital content that connects with the right audiences at the right moments.

Our ultra-customized content marketing solutions align with your brand story and key business objectives. As our client, you will work directly with the lead designer and content director as they guide and execute a content strategy that gets results.
SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing

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