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Osteria provides virtual culinary experiences and group classes that transport you to the heart of Italy as you learn, experiment, and master elevated Italian recipes taught by expertly trained chefs all over the United States.

They were a new player in a highly competitive niche, so they partnered with our digital agency for help with improving their content marketing to help them stand out and grow their business.


Our main objective was to optimize Osteria’s content marketing to increase audience engagement, improve brand recognition, and entice visitors with more reasons to interact with the brand.

Osteria had excellent results with their virtual classes but had not generated engagement with other content marketing areas, such as their blog and YouTube channel.

We worked to help reengage existing customers while simultaneously attracting new visitors to fresh content areas that offered significant value.


After conducting extensive research within the industry, we developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy designed to drive leads through Osteria’s conversion funnel.

We helped Osteria create and publish content with lasting value by focusing on topics, ideas, and popular audience trends.

Leveraging our technology, we developed a membership program for Osteria that we strategically promoted in critical areas throughout the site.

We highlighted the unique benefits and perks of the membership, such as valuable resources, exclusive discounts, and personalized recommendations, and linked it directly to relevant blog posts and YouTube videos.

The result has effectively increased conversions, traffic, and user engagement for their business.

What we did
SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing