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Cannabis lifestyle brand Flower Bud has quickly become a go-to resource to learn, discover, and legally purchase marijuana from the best dispensaries across the country.

Flower Bud was skilled at producing great content, but they failed to get it in front of the right audience at the right moments.


We partnered with Flower Bud to execute a content marketing plan to maximize their digital presence, improve their credibility, and drive consistent lead generation.

Flower Bud’s content marketing efforts needed to stand out by communicating its unmatched value through enhanced visual storytelling.


We provided the content marketing strategy, messaging, copywriting, and audits for Flower Bud to produce an effective multi-channel distribution strategy.  

Flower Bud already had high-quality and well-formatted content, but it lacked a cohesive visual identity that stood out from competitors.

We injected their published content with original imagery, animation, and colors aligned with Flower Bud’s aesthetic.

Our team fine-tuned the language to create a consistent voice and design across every platform, effectively making the brand recognizable to its audience and deemed a more reliable resource.

Working closely with our client, we optimized the content with effectual visual storytelling that gives Flower Bud an edge over the competition.

Our team leveraged related data and patterns to inform the content marketing distribution strategy, ensuring the published content reaches the right audience at precise moments for optimal impact.

What we did
SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing