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FAMVILLA is an independent digital travel agency specializing in planning and booking family-friendly travel experiences with unmatched itineraries expertly tailored to your family’s individual preferences.

Despite their innovation, FAMVILLA contacted us regarding problems they were experiencing with their website, which led to an unusual number of complaints and lower site traffic.

At first glance, It was clear the site was painfully slow and disorganized. The site navigation was highly confusing, and the web design looked tired and outdated.


Our goal for FAMVILLA’s website redesign was to build a fully functional yet simplistic site that elevates the user experience (UX) and increases engagement.

We also needed to improve the site architecture and optimize navigation to ensure a smoother browsing experience for visitors. 

Our team worked to resolve all back-end functionality issues to ensure the site has lightning-fast page loads and to certify the site was fully responsive on all mobile and desktop browsers. 


FAMVILLA’s new site's straightforward visual brand story is a much more robust representation of its true brand identity. 

We revived the outdated site with a modern look through increased imagery and white space.

The new web design is minimal, with a standout call-to-action (CTA) button and captivating imagery of their breathtaking destinations.

Our team strove to create seamless navigation by effecting precise categorization with a simplified menu and well-defined buttons to guide visitors to expected outcomes.

The updated menu is expandable with advanced search and filter capabilities for clients to quickly and easily obtain the information they need to plan and book their next great escape.

To enhance engagement, we implemented a feature that provides visitors with personalized recommendations for their families and exclusive savings.

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SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing

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