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Comfy Sofas is an e-commerce furniture business that designs, delivers, and assembles custom-made, modern sofas.

However, entering a saturated market was not easy, and Comfy Sofas was not attracting the consistent business that they had expected from their paid Google ads.


Our approach was to implement a sustainable, results-focused SEO strategy through a combination of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO tactics.

The goal of this project was to increase organic rankings on Google to maximize their visibility, accelerate traffic, and attract more clicks that turn into conversions.


We conducted a thorough site audit to reveal our client's pain points that needed to be corrected to improve SEO rankings.

For example, our team discovered that Comfy Sofa's blog posts were not indexed by Google, meaning users couldn't find them.

There were broken page links that led to error pages, and we found a shocking number of wrong links from spammy sites, which occurred after a hack the prior year.

Our SEO experts corrected the blog's indexing issue and optimized all published content to be more discoverable through specific keywords.

In addition, we fixed all of the broken links and worked meticulously to remove all of the spammy links that had been dragging down Comfy Sofa's rankings.

Focusing on consistent link building, accurate citations, trust signals, and product optimizations has led to a steady increase in traffic and has generated higher revenue that continues to scale over time.
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SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing


SEO, Web Design & Content Marketing